Gray squirrels terrorize, attack and injure North Wales society 18

A gray squirrel has gone on a 48-hour attack in the north Wales, and injured nearly 20 people across the small town of Buckley in Flintshire.

The squirrel – known as the “Stripe” of frightened residents – has attacked a number of locals and left at least 18 wounded, many of whom have claimed tetanus shots from their wounds.

People have been left with cuts on their hands and heads, as well as bites on other parts of their bodies by the aggressive creature.

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A squirrel has attacked nearly 20 people in a small community in North Wales. (Getty)

According to local media, the squirrel began attacking residents in their gardens with “scary speed”, leaving many “too scared to leave” their homes.

A number even said they had been “chased down the street” by the crazy creature.

The squirrel was finally caught Monday, Dec. 27, in a humane trap set by local Corrine Reynolds.

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Mrs Reynolds said she had fed the animal and that it had taken regular trips to her garden in search of food and shelter, according to reports.

Although even she was also bitten in the hand after trying to befriend the animal.

“He’s not a friendly squirrel, I’m afraid he’s a scoundrel, and I’m starting to wonder if he’s got something going on inside his head like a tumor,” Mrs Reynolds told SWNS.

The RSPCA has since confirmed that the squirrel has been humanly killed.

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