Greater Manchester’s weather forecast for New Year’s Eve

The countdown is underway as Manchester prepares to wave goodbye to 2021.

After another difficult year, many people will prepare to celebrate New Year’s Eve with hopes of brighter days ahead in 2022.

With no new coronavirus restrictions imposed before December 31, people across Manchester are making plans on how they will welcome the new year.

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But as the residents prepare for the big night, what will the weather have in store for us?

Greater Manchester’s weather has taken a mild turn in the days after Christmas.

Partygoers will be free to visit the city center on New Year's Eve without restrictions
Partygoers will be free to visit the city center on New Year’s Eve without restrictions

The city has seen temperatures reach 13C today (December 29) – much warmer than expected at the end of December.

These spring-like temperatures are set to continue over the coming days, according to the Met Office.

It says Manchester will see temperatures reach 13C again on Thursday 30 December with a mild low of 12C.

Rain is expected to hit the city during the morning, before becoming a brief dry spell in the late morning and early afternoon.

Dark clouds are expected to form again at. 13.00, followed by rain until around kl. 20.00.

New Year’s Eve seems to be just as hot and a little drier than tomorrow, says the Met Office.

Rain early in the morning is expected to make room for clouds and sunshine during the day, with another high temperature of 13C.

Met Office predicts a dry night for New Year’s Eve with a low temperature of 10C, while clouds and sunshine follow New Year’s Day.

January is expected to get off to an even warmer start, with temperatures of 14C predicted on New Year’s Day by the Met Office for Manchester.

A spokesman for the Met Office told the Press Association that temperatures were above average, adding that “we should be around 8C or 9C this time of year really”.

He said it was unlikely that people would need their warmest clothes during this period of milder weather.

“I imagine people will certainly not raid their full winter wardrobes over the next few days – I imagine the thermals will not be necessary,” he said.

“Whether people want to wear t-shirts or sweaters, I think it’s a personal call.”

Temperatures above average also appear to continue throughout the holiday weekend with temperatures of 11 C on 2 December and 10 C on 3 December, and rainy periods are expected on both days.

Greater Manchester’s other boroughs are expected to see temperatures similar to the city over the next few days, with a maximum of 14C set for New Year’s Day across the region.

Met Office predicts that temperatures will drop back to the expected level later next week.

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