Grieving mother says a ‘cowardly’ police officer has ‘made a mockery’ of her son’s death

A grieving mother said a police officer who took selfies at the scene of her son’s stabbing has “made fun of his death”.

PC Ryan Connolly took pictures of himself ‘lying’ in The Nook park in south Liverpool, where Daniel Gee-Jamieson had suffered a fatal stab wound.

Connolly has since been fired by Merseyside Police after an internal investigation revealed three significant breaches of professional standards.

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Daniel’s mother Mandy has now revealed to ECHO how she first found out about Connolly’s contemptuous behavior when a national newspaper reporter investigating the story knocked on her door.

Mandy said Connolly had been sent to The Nook Park after her son died of stab wounds in July 2018.

She recounted that while at the scene, Connolly had posed for selfies while ‘lying down’ on the floor.

Daniel Gee-Jamieson
Daniel Gee-Jamieson

The photographs, which did not show Daniel’s body, were taken on Connolly’s personal phone, which was later confiscated by the force.

Mandy said: “I just feel like Connolly has made fun of my son’s death. As if it was all a big joke.

“I would love to meet him to tell him what a disgusting man he is. He is disgusting and crooked. How did he get into the police in the first place.”

Mandy told ECHO that a journalist from a national newspaper told her the news when he knocked on her front door.

She said: “I did not know anything about this until a journalist knocked on my door yesterday (Wednesday) morning and told me. It was certainly not the right way to happen.

“I was really confused, so I contacted Mayor Joanne Anderson, who then contacted the police. Around 6pm on Wednesday, a detective called me and explained that the story was true.

“She told me that Connolly had taken selfies at the crime scene on her own phone, which was later seized by the force.

“She pointed out that Connolly had not been directly involved in the investigation, but that was hardly the intention.

“They knew all along that he had taken selfies in the park where my son was stabbed and chose not to tell me.”

Mandy Jamieson said Connelly has made fun of her son's death
Mandy Jamieson said Connolly has made fun of her son’s death

Mandy added: “Surely the force should have reached out and given some clarity.

“Christmas is always a difficult time for me and it has not helped.”

Mandy arrived at the park on the night of July 3, 2018 to find her son dying of a stab wound.

Daniel, who trained at a respected boxing club in northern Liverpool, was stabbed in the leg after a fight with another boy, Owen Cousins, who pulled out a knife.

Daniel Gee-Jamieson died after being stabbed in the thigh by teenager Owen Cousins
Daniel Gee-Jamieson died after being stabbed in the thigh by teenager Owen Cousins

None of five teenage witnesses to the fight at The Nook at 9.10pm that night said they saw Daniel with a weapon.

The young Liverpool FC fan was rushed to hospital but doctors were unable to rescue him.

Daniel’s mother had to endure intimidation and threats from local yobs after her son’s death. Scrambler thugs also marred the funeral itself.

Cousins ​​was charged with murder, but was acquitted by a jury, who instead found him guilty of manslaughter.

The then 17-year-old was jailed for 11 years.

It said the devastated mother of Daniel Gee-Jamieson, who was stabbed to death in a Liverpool park "every day when I wake up, Daniel dies again."
The devastated mother of Daniel Gee-Jamieson, who was stabbed to death in a Liverpool park, said “every day when I wake up, Daniel dies all over again.”

A Merseyside police spokesman said: “In connection with the hearing on Connolly Gross’s Misconduct, we spoke to a family and confirmed that a selfie was taken of an officer at the scene of their son’s murder.

“We can confirm that the image did not contain any further details and we have apologized to them for the distress caused by this person’s actions.”

Merseyside Police statement following Connolly’s dismissal

Merseyside Police released disturbing details about how Connolly had abused his position with the force.

A disciplinary panel found that Connolly had taken pictures of vulnerable people on his personal phone while on guard.

The panel also found that Connolly had stored racist and homophobic images on her personal phone.

Connolly also maintained a relationship with a known criminal and failed to disclose this case to the force.

DCC Ian Critchley said: “I can confirm that a former police officer has been formally fired from the post following a hearing on gross misconduct.

“The hearing was convened following a robust investigation by our anti-corruption unit, which revealed evidence that Connolly did not comply with the standards and conduct of officers and staff working for Merseyside Police.

“I am appalled by Connolly’s actions, they are unmanageable and do not conform to the high standards and values ​​we expect here at Merseyside Police.

“Our officers perform unusually courageous selfless acts every single day and protect the most vulnerable people in our community, but here we see the despicable acts of a very selfish individual who has no place in our police service.

“An investigation conducted by our anti-corruption unit revealed the fact that Connolly had used his own phone to take pictures of vulnerable people while on guard, and that the phone also contained appallingly homophobic, racist and offensive images.

“It also revealed that Connolly was a partner of a known criminal and had not declared this association. His actions are an insult to the uniform and the police service, which consistently strives to protect our communities and provide a professional and inclusive service to the people of Merseyside. .

“This officer’s behavior is deplorable and serves to undermine the public’s trust and confidence in the police.

“We are quite clear that if an officer turns out to behave in a way that does not live up to our high standards, we will take prompt and robust action.

“Colleagues as well as the public are proactive in identifying those who have no place in Merseyside Police.

“We have put in place a number of additional processes within the force to identify those who could bring the force into disrepute, including improved control processes, and we work with all colleagues to ensure that they comply with our force standards regarding acceptable and appropriate use of social media. media.

“We are constantly learning and working with our staff networks, our police unions and trade unions, our independent advisory group and community contacts to continue recruiting from all our different communities, to help us identify areas where we can develop our police approach and community involvement. The Chief Constable is very aware that these are the priorities of our service, of colleagues and of the public. We are listening and we are acting as can be seen in this case.

“The decision today sends a clear message and shows that Merseyside Police is committed to providing the public with a professional, understanding and inclusive police service and we will not tolerate abuse of office.

“We urge both the public and our officers and staff to report if they witness a misdemeanor and we will act, as you have seen in this case, quickly and professionally.

“The police will not tolerate this kind of behavior. We exterminate those who have no place in the police. The actions of officers like Connolly seriously undermine the good work that goes on every day across the force, but I will continue to shout out loud about the professional, empathetic, selfless, brave, inclusive colleagues who put communities first in everything every day. they do.

“These acts should never be overshadowed by acts committed by a person like Connolly who has rightly been convicted and is no longer part of the Merseyside Police, a service and force that is here to proudly protect and serve our community. “

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