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PCR testing and mask mandates must be maintained in the territory, according to the Northern Land Council, as it called on the NT government to “stand firm for all territories” at today’s national cabinet meeting.

The Council called on the Government of the Territory to strengthen its will to keep territories – particularly Aboriginal people living in regional and remote communities and homelands – safe from Omicron.

“Over the next few weeks, thousands of territories will return from holidays in the south, and unless we keep our border controls and surveillance strong, many of them can bring the Omicron variant back with them. We can not wait for that to happen. we need to be prepared now, “said NLC President Samuel Bush-Blanasi.

He said PCR testing and mandatory mask wearing ‘out bush’ should be maintained.

    Samuel Bush-Blanasi

Samuel Bush-Blanasi

“And anyone who enters the territory to be tested on arrival and afterwards,” he said.

“We can not let ourselves be controlled by what the federal government or other states and territories do, we have to act to protect territories at all costs and based on what is best for all of us, as safely as possible. “

The county council acknowledged the work done by the territory’s health department and aboriginal-controlled health services to deal with COVID-19 outbreaks.

However, with a 60 per cent increase in Omicron infections nationwide, the Council has called for all available measures to be taken to ensure that the COVID-19 variant does not flourish through the territory.

Hold PCR tests and mask mandates in NT: Northern Land Council


Calls on the government to ‘stand firm for all territories’ at today’s national government meeting.

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The Council supported the call by the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT and other healthcare professionals for an immediate mask mandate in indoor public settings and for steps marked by the Chief Health Officer for mandatory mask wearing indoors and on carpooling, taxis and public transportation.

Sir. Samuel Bush-Blanasi said that the next few weeks would be critical in the NT and that this was not the time to be too careful.

“Over the next few weeks, all territories will follow closely to see if the trust and faith they have given to the NT government so far will continue or just disappear,” he said.

“The best thing our mob can do is get vaccinated, including getting a third shot when they can, and staying safe, staying in the country and taking care of the family.

“We may have to learn to ‘live with COVID’, but we do not want to die from it.”

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