LG Smart Appliances Shape Your Future Kitchen – channel news

LG will launch exciting kitchen machines at CES next week, which will shape the kitchen’s face in the future, and seamlessly integrate the upcoming LG ThinQ Recipe service set to deliver a comfortable user experience by making all smart kitchen services from LG and partners available in one place.

The InstaView Double Oven series and Over-the-Range Microwave Oven are premium appliances set to upgrade the cooking experience through LG’s advanced core technology for cooking and easy access to smart recipes.

The Double Oven series is equipped with LG InstaView technology, so users can see inside a device by simply tapping twice on the front glass, which lights up inside, so you do not have to open the door and let the hot air out and change the cooking environment.

This new series also utilizes LG ProBake Convection technology for fast and thorough cooking without preheating, resulting in evenly cooked meals.
ProBake’s precise temperature and airflow control means shorter cooking times and is the backbone of the oven’s Air Fry and Air Sous Vide modes.

Meanwhile, with a minimalist design, the Over-the-Range microwave uses Steam Cook technology to prepare meals, and the extendable ExtendaVent reduces smoke and lingering odors in your kitchen.

In addition, its EasyClean interior prevents food and grease from sticking to it, so all you need to fix things after preparation is a damp cloth.

The LG ThinQ Recipe service promises a convenient user experience by making all smart kitchen services and content from LG and partners available in one place.

With an app, users will be able to search, plan, buy and then cook hundreds of tasty choices using LG devices.

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