Man woke up from Manchester night with £ 104 Uber bill – for a journey of 11 miles

A man ordering an Uber to return home after a night on the town with friends in Manchester woke up to a shock – after seeing he had been charged £ 104.

The journey, which included two drop-offs, was from Manchester City Center to his home in Crumpsall, a total of just 11.95 miles.

It took less than half an hour.

What would normally cost ‘around £ 25’, according to Sam, was more than four times that amount when he checked his bank balance, to £ 104.66.

Sam George, 21, has recently graduated from university and had spent the night partying at the Factory nightclub on December 27th.

Shortly after 3:30 a.m., he and two other friends who had been to an event at the Warehouse Project tried to call various taxi companies, but were told there were no vacancies.

So resorting to the Uber XL to get home, he has no recollection of how much he was quoted for the ride, but says he would ‘never’ accept a trip that was so expensive.

The Uber prize costs £ 104.66 for a 11.95 mile ride

Despite the complaint to Uber, the taxi company has defended the ticket price.

Sam said, “I woke up and looked at my emails and just could not believe it. I was just in shock.

“It just did not work right. How could a journey that took less than half an hour cost more than £ 100?

“I had been out at the Factory and grouped myself with two friends because we thought it would be cheaper even with only two passes.

“We usually use Uber, and it’s never that much – but it just deters you from wanting out.

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“I contacted Uber, but they told me there was no problem with the ticket price. I had a suspicion that it could have been the passes, but they were only a short distance extra.”

A quick search of Manchester Evening News found return flights from Manchester to Dublin, Madrid, Rome and Berlin for under £ 90 this coming weekend, 1-2. January.

And earlier this month, a student from Fallowfield was charged £ 80 for a four-kilometer trip home after a night on the town.

People living in northern Manchester have few alternatives to getting home in the early morning hours, Sam claimed.

He added: “The funny thing was that the price of the taxi cost more than the whole night in the city.

“It really is not that far, so no one would ever think that they would be charged so much just to get home.

“It keeps you from going out, but also leaves you with few alternatives because there are no night buses or trams to where I live in north Manchester.

The journey that Sam’s Uber took, including the two drop-off points

“If you’re going on a night on the town, your only way home is a taxi.

“I knew I had been drinking, but I still had sense, and if it had quoted me so much, I would never have accepted the fare. I simply can not believe this has happened only two days after Christmas.”

But Uber has hit back, saying all prices are calculated and customers get a fee before driving.

That evening, the ticket price was accepted with a surcharge and additional waivers were added, which meant the price was recalculated.

An Uber spokesman said: “The Uber app uses dynamic pricing to ensure people can get a car when they need it.

“When a large number of people in a particular area book a trip at the same time and there are not enough available cars, ticket prices rise automatically to encourage more drivers to go to the busy area.

“Users will always see a price estimate in advance so they have the option to order a car.”

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