Mark McGowan Press Conference: Premier updates state on COVID-19 after National Cabinet

WA has registered a new COVID case overnight – a 27-year-old unvaccinated backpacker who was contagious while in the community.

Premier Mark McGowan announced the latest infection, saying the man had shared a bathroom with a previous case.

He was transferred to hotel quarantine on Thursday morning, and four new locations of exposure have so far been linked to the man, all in the Fremantle area between Christmas Day and December 28.

They include Farmer Jacks Spearwood on Dec. 26, the Portside Boulders Climbing Exercise Center in O’Connor on Dec. 27, and Domino’s East Fremantle and BP Fremantle on Dec. 28.

The Ministry of Health also last night added venues for a case announced Wednesday at Preston Beach in Bunbury, Bunbury Train Station and Bunbury to the Perth Australind train on December 28 – with everyone on the service to be immediately tested and isolated for 14 days regardless of the outcome .

Premier Mark McGowan.
Camera iconPremier Mark McGowan said the man had shared a bathroom with a previous case. Credit: Nic Ellis/The Western Australian

Restrictions in Perth and Peel, including wearing masks and bans on nightclubs and major events, have not been extended to the south-west despite the new locations of exposure.

“We have not considered it at this time,” Mr McGowan said, adding that anyone visiting South West from Perth until January 4 was required to wear a mask.

The number of untested close contacts associated with the current outbreak – which is now at 13 cases – dropped to 40 during the night, 16 of which, Mr McGowan has previously said, were unlikely to be found because they had given false details. , when they bought tickets for a rave at. Perth Mess Hall, which became a super-spreading event.

“Of the 40 yet to be tested, 31 were patrons from the Perth Mess Hall Event,” McGowan said.

“As I said yesterday, a number of participants will not be able to be located by the WA police due to false or misleading contact information.”

“Our (contact tracking) system works very well, it’s just hard to get hold of some of these people – they’re backpackers.

“They live a slightly different lifestyle than many of us, and so they are hard to get hold of.”

Everyone who attended the party has been urged to come forward and the Prime Minister said they would not be in trouble for the delay.

About 680 other close contacts have now been cleared of the virus. Of the 1488 random contacts, 328 have not yet been swept.


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