NYC Morning Briefing: December 30, 2021

Good morning, New York City. Here’s what you need to know today.

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Expect another day of rain with mostly cloudy skies and an altitude struggling to leave the 40s most of the day. Colder weather returns tonight with lighter rain.

Highlights: Close to 50
Lower: Mid 40s
Light rain and cloudy

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Around NYC

With widespread COVID-19 testing in the home comes new trade-offs, say health experts

As the availability of fast COVID-19 tests at home expands in New York, the city may soon be faced with a problem: less reliable data. While the city tracks almost all PCR test results, it receives extremely limited data on the results of home tests.

But health experts are debating whether the trade-off is worth it.

2. After a week of ceremonies, de Blasio set about leaving the town hall

Mayor Bill de Blasio will ceremoniously walk out of City Hall after the cameras one last time today before officially handing over the reins to the city council on Saturday. His last weeks in office have been full of ceremonial tributes to political influencers and celebrities. All of this comes as he watches a race for a nationwide office.

3. Mayor-elected Adams appoints longtime adviser Frank Carone as chief of staff

Newly elected mayor Eric Adams is expected to appoint Frank Carone as his chief of staff on Thursday. Carone, a prominent lawyer for the Brooklyn Democratic Party, has been a friend and adviser to Adams for years.

Around the nation

Biden talks with Putin on Thursday, while Ukraine’s tensions continue: ‘We are in a moment of crisis’

2. The Department of Justice promises $ 1.6 billion in grants to reduce violent crime

3. Dr. Fauci: Long COVID still a risk with omicron despite milder disease

Your daily listen

Days before Eric Adams officially took office, Errol Louis showed off his upcoming administration with Ben Max from the Gotham Gazette and NY1 political team during a live “You Decide” on Twitter Spaces. They talked about what Adams’ leadership will look like, analyzed his recent appointments, and discussed his possible agenda for Albany. And they weighted what his relationship will be with the city council and the media.

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