Perfectly preserved baby dinosaur is discovered curled up inside the egg

An unprecedented fossil of a baby dinosaur wrapped neatly in an egg helps to better understand the connection between dinosaurs and birds.

The fossil is 70 million years old and preserves the fetal skeleton of an oviraptorid dinosaur, which was christened baby yinglian because of the name of the Chinese museum that houses the fossil.

Baby dinosaur bones are small and fragile and are rarely preserved as fossils, making this a very fortunate find, said Darla Zelenitsky, an associate professor in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Calgary in Canada.

“It’s a fantastic specimen. […] I have been working with dinosaur eggs for 25 years and I have not seen anything like it yet, ”said Zelenitsky, co-author of the research published in iScience magazine this Tuesday (21).

“Until now, little was known about what happened inside a dinosaur egg before it hatched, as there are few embryonic skeletons, especially those that are complete and preserved in a life position,” the researcher added.

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