Rain, snow and ice are expected for Toronto this NEW weekend

If your plan is to stay indoors this New Year’s Eve, that’s probably a good idea. Ontario can get some rainy weather that offers a hectic year.

Your termination plans may have changed due to restrictions on Ontario establishments and group settings due to the looming Omicron variant. While it may be a skirt, you probably would not want to be outdoors anyway.

With freezing temperatures and the threat of precipitation, this New Year’s weekend is expected to get wet.

Thanks to a low point in Colorado on its way to Ontario and eastbound, residents will see some showers this weekend, according to The Weather Network.

The system is expected to head towards the Great Lakes, with the potential to bring some rain to southern Ontario on New Year’s Eve.

It’s not until New Year’s Day that the low point will spread over Ontario and bring some snow, rain and even ice, depending on.

According to Environment Canada, Friday is expected to be cloudy with a risk of freezing rain early in the morning with a high temperature of 5 ° C and a low temperature of 2 ° C at night.

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Environment Canada

As for Saturday, it is still expected to remain cloudy with a maximum of 3 ° C in the morning and a minimum of -6 ° C at night. Although rain is expected throughout the weekend, we can see some snowfall on January 1st.

What a way to end the year!

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