SE: The McLaren 650S fails to climb the gentle, snow-covered Vancouver driveway

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Many wealthy supercar owners have learned the hard way that excessive horsepower does not provide traction – especially when the roads disappear in the white stuff they do once or twice a year in Vancouver.

The real-time fight for the driver of a McLaren 650S Spider trying to crawl out of an oh-so-slightly sloping driveway in Vancouver during the holidays went viral when a neighbor posted a clip of the slow-moving action on Twitter.

You can hear the filmmaker burst out laughing as the $ 300,000 supercar, which is confused with a Lamborghini in the mail, slides backwards back into view – from top to bottom, of course – after turning the engine around and turning performance tires in an attempt to reach top driveway. It apparently lasted for 30 minutes or so.

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A push in the hand would probably have helped them on the road, but the neighbors were too busy filming and laughing, so it was up to the driver’s buddy with a jeep to save the day. It is always good to have a buddy with a jeep.

After going viral twice, the poster has since realized the flaw in his way of branding the Jeep Wrangler as a “luxury SUV” – no doubt after receiving numerous corrections from humble Jeep owners – and issued a withdrawal in his Twitter cinema and wrote, “Yes yes it’s a McLaren and a Jeep Wrangler is not a luxury SUV. SORRY!”

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