Security Breach Cosplays brings Glamrock Freddy & Bonnie to life

Two cosplayers have brought FNAF: Security Breach’s Glamrock Freddy and Glamrock Bonnie to life in a series of impressive photos and TikTok videos.

A couple of cosplayers have turned into two of them FNAF: Security breach‘s new animatronics, Glamrock Freddy and Glamrock Bonnie, who bring the creepy characters to life. Although Glamrock Bonnie is not actually seen in the game, he is mentioned and can be glimpsed through illustrations in the game despite the lack of full animatronics. FNAF: Security breach launched earlier this month and has already proven to be a popular new addition to the beloved horror franchise that impresses many with its new gameplay and style.

FNAF: Security breach takes players on a journey through the new Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizzaplex, a place with a distinct 1980s aesthetic. For the first time, the game has taken a survival horror AAA approach to its design, where users can explore and walk freely around the pizzeria, which is inspired by real 80s arcades. Following the 80s theme is the game’s new characters, each of whom has a punk-rock look with face paint, pointed accessories and lots of lightning designs. While some are variations of cartoon characters, such as Glamrock Freddy and Glamrock Chica, FNAF: Security breach adds new characters, including Montgomery Gator and the first physical appearance of Roxanne Wolf.


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Cosplayer 8bitrainbow has shared a look at their impressive FNAF: Security breach cosplay, inspired by Glamrock Freddy. The creator has perfectly captured the Glamrock aesthetic, including Freddy’s distinctive hat, teeth and microphone. Together with glitchomancy like Glamrock Bonnie, the duo will be two of the most terrifying – and yet most lovable – animatronics from the latest FNAF game. More from the duo can be found across their Instagram pages and on TikTok.

Like all games in FNAF series, FNAF: Security breach is packed with scares to make players’ hearts leap, but part of the franchise’s appeal to many is designed by the characters, who somehow remain both creepy and cute. Freddy Fazbear and friends have undergone many visual transformations as the history of the games has evolved over the years, with variations that include not only the Glamrock animatronics but also the Toy animatronics, the Nightmare variants and of course the originals.

With a wide range of characters and designs, it’s no surprise that cosplayers including 8bitrainbow and glitchomancy have chosen to transform into FNAF: Security breach‘s Glamrock Freddy and Glamrock Bonnie. While all cosplay requires skill and talent, it can be argued FNAF Cosplays are perhaps more difficult due to the oversized nature of animatronics, mechanical parts, costumes and body parts such as tails and ears. Despite the difficulty of bringing such cosplay to life, 8bitrainbow and glitchomancy have succeeded in their quest to show the more adorable side of FNAF.

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Source: 8bitrainbow / Instagram, glitchomancy / Instagram

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