Security breach Players are afraid of card fines

Players of FNAF: Security Breach have dubbed Map Bot the most sinister character in the game, sharing clips of his jumpscares across social media.

Players of FNAF: Security breach has dubbed Map Bot the game’s most terrifying and most terrifying character, despite not being one of the title’s biggest enemies. FNAF: Security breach is the first AAA Freddys games that introduce new characters, lore and a brand new Pizzaplex through which players can move freely, unlike before FNAF game.

FNAF: Security breach continues to evolve Five Nights at Freddy’s canon, with the addition of new animatronics, bots and Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizzaplex placement. The characters in the game match the aesthetics of the arcade pizzeria from the 1980s with new animatronics, including Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Chica, Roxanne Wolf and Montgomery Gator. Along with new animatronics comes new bots, with STAFF bots found through Pizzaplex. One of these is Map Bot, designed to hand out cards to lost patrons. In a recent developer update, Steel Wool Studios revealed it FNAF: Security breach‘s Map Bot caused problems for the studio and presented lots of bugs that developers could eradicate.


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Across social media, players of FNAF: Security breach shares their horror at Map Bot, where many call him the game’s most terrifying character. In tweets and stream clips, users have shared the most sinister Map Bot scares from themselves and others, showing how effective the surprise bot scare really is. Map Bot is the source of just a few of Security breach‘s jumpscares, despite being a fairly well-meaning bot. Map Bot does not harm the player and can not warn other animatronicians about their presence, but will instead give lots of terror while trying to encourage players to take a map.

That Five Nights at Freddy’s games are well known for their jumpscares, which continue to make them a popular choice for content creators to stream and respond to. While FNAF: Security breach change FNAF formula in its gameplay, style and features, Steel Wools’ decision to include some jumpscares helps keep the title true to the franchise without getting too repetitive. Throughout the game, the only STAFF bots that can scare a player, Security, Alpha Staff and Map Bots, with Security breach generally aiming for more survival-horror-gameplay than scare tactics.

The popularity of Map Bot and its accompanying jumpscares across social media has helped raise awareness of the new FNAF games that are currently only available on PS5 and PC. Although it is not currently confirmed whether the game will come to other platforms in the future, it is very possible that the new FNAF could be launched on Switch and Xbox next year. Until then, social media clips, livestreams and Let’s Plays demonstrate all that, as with before FNAF game, FNAF: Security breach continues the franchise tradition of offering top-tier jumpscares to its players.

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