“Squid Game” could have a third season

Squid Game could get a third season

Filmmaker Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of the Netflix sensation “Squid Game,” has previously played it pretty boring when it comes to discussing a follow-up season.

As the series went viral and became a global blockbuster earlier this year, he and the streaming giant downplayed any talk of a follow-up, though demand grew.

However, Dong-hyuk changed his tune in November, saying “there will definitely be another season coming”, but things were in the very early planning stages.

Now that plan has changed again as he tells The Korea Times (via Deadline) this week that the series could go beyond another season, saying:

“I’m in talks with Netflix about season two as well as season three. We’ll come to a conclusion anytime soon.”

Squid Game is a survival drama set in Seoul, where hundreds of financially distressed participants renounced their life rights to play children’s games for a chance to win a $ 38 million grand prize. Lose every round and be prepared for a gruesome death.

The series remains Netflix’s most watched series ever, with more than 142 million households tuning in.

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