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Holly Mitchell currently serves as a member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. She served as state senator for California’s 30th Senate District from 2013-2020.

Supervisor Holly Mitchell holds herself accountable for creating physical change at all levels of public service. As a senator, she was entrusted with a $ 200 billion state budget and drafted over 60 bills that changed the social structure of the United States.

Mitchell reinforces the voices that feel unheard of, the recognition of Person of the Year, which was presented by the Bakewell Media Company, confirms her thoughtful behavior and committed steps towards social change.

Supervisor Mitchell continues to pay the tax costs of seeking social rehabilitation with unwavering persistence. By highlighting the recent global tragedy, Mitchell has positioned himself between drastic social outcomes related to COVID-19 and the immediate attention needed throughout Los Angeles.

She focused her lens on the unprotected and holds a torch against eradicating systematic racism that greatly affects color communities. As Los Angeles County Supervisor for the 2nd District, Mitchell has worked diligently on issues that needed to be resolved quickly.

Mitchell continues to raise his hand to respond to social imbalance. For nearly a decade, she represented Los Angeles in state law as a senator in California for the 30th District, and before that she was the 54th District Assembly member.

As an empowered black woman walking the halls of Capitol Hill, many conversations were led to the topic of inclusion and diversity. While answering for the title of senator, Mitchell contributed with her efforts to over 60 bills that went through legislation. She spent time communicating a message of progress found in initiatives such as the #Equality and Justice Package on criminal reform, the prevention of young people without protection and the extension of access to psychiatric services.

Mitchell drafted the CROWN Act (SB 188), which gained global media attention. The initiative focused on “discrimination of natural hair by employers and public educational institutions.” Mitchell drafted the CROWN Act to reflect the imbalance that exists nationwide.

In February 2021, the Supreme Court voted unanimously in favor of SBB 1391, a directive written by Mitchell that “prohibits minors under the age of 16 from being prosecuted as adults.”

As the “moral compass of the legislature,” Mitchell was closely associated with addressing the gray areas of critical issues and organizing a solution to address their imbalances. Because of her diligence in Sacramento, close to a million people benefited from her strategy to improve the lives of others.

While stationed in Capitol Hill, Mitchell joined California’s Legislative Black Caucus in 2016. She became the first African-American to chair the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. She was used to monitor two cycles of the state budget and correctly measured a total account of about $ 200 billion.

Supervisor Mitchell has been actively working to support the financial concerns of students in elementary and university schools, health systems, child care services, and she uncovered dormant projects that highlighted working families, infants and the elderly. That level of selflessness reflects motherhood, Mitchell has learned through personal triumphs and the experience of caring for his family. There are invaluable experiences of growth that inspired Mitchell’s core values.

Supervisor Holly Mitchell holds herself accountable for creating physical change at all levels of public service. (With permission from Holly Mitchell’s office)

While her heart beats for her son, Ryan, Mitchell connects with the need for her family to have a better world, which grew to her dedication to creating a better world for all families.

As a Los Angeles native, Mitchell has seen the serious and discouraging condition found in affected communities. She accepted the growing estimate of labor that will close racial gaps in opportunities and resources.

On December 6, 2020, Mitchell promised to establish greater resources for Los Angeles as the 2nd District Supervisor. Manual Pastor, Professor of Sociology and American Studies and Ethnicity, opened his swearing-in ceremony and described the level of dedication Mitchell presented through his time of getting to know her.

Professor Pastor started the virtual event with the promise of fidelity. “I want to tell you that you can stand, you can sit, or you can take a knee – I promise allegiance to the flag of the United States and the republic it stands for. One nation, under God, indivisible, with freedom and justice To everyone.”

Pastor continued, “the last part of it captures Holly Mitchell. She has been a fighter for freedom and justice for all – from her work at Crystal Stairs, in terms of childhood development, to serving in the State Assembly, to advancing to the State Senate . ”

Supervisor Mitchell continues to pay the tax costs of seeking social rehabilitation with unwavering persistence. (File photo)

“She took care of the Committee on Budgets – where she was probably stamped, ‘the moral compass and social conscience of the Senate’ to find out how to solve the difficult task of both ensuring that the budget was balanced and ensuring that it happened with heart and compassion, ”said the pastor.

The professor shared his admiration for Mitchell’s timing by saying, “It’s so unique to someone who arrives at exactly the right time with exactly the right skills.” He continued: “She is only the second black woman to serve as supervisor in LA County history, and she is becoming a member of a supervisory board. It will be the first female supervisory board in the county’s history.”

Supervisor Mitchell has always been entrusted with a highly influential seat, chairing the Joint Legislative Subcommittee on Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response. As she moved on from Capitol Hill, Mitchell settled into her new position on the exclusively female Supervisory Board in January 2021.

Los Angeles Supervisor Janice Hahn (4th District) shared her confidence in Mitchell. “Your impressive and extensive legislative career has certainly prepared you for the work ahead of us. As we continue to tackle LA County’s greatest challenges, from housing our homeless neighbors to reconsidering our approach to criminal justice,” she said. Supervisor Hahn continued, “I hope you enjoy this amazing story, but with your oath today, you are making your own story.”

Supervisor Mitchell is a third generation of Angeleno. She continues to grow her family’s legacy by following in their footsteps in becoming a public servant. She is dedicated to seeing a better tomorrow and she is doing the work today to prove it. Her work has led to the promotion of human compassion and growth in various societies. Mitchell has found the tools to shape an inclusive design of the nation.

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