The 10 best eateries in Dublin that opened in 2021

2021 has undoubtedly been a year like no other for hospitality, companies have struggled through a year of closures, shutdowns and restrictions (and continue to do so).

Starting a business is never easy, but it is to be commended to start a hospitality business during one of the most difficult periods for the industry. We have gathered our best new hospitality companies that have opened up in the most tumultuous years:

10. Six by Nico Dublin

Looking forward to 2021 is a restaurant that has already established itself solidly across the water. The restaurant starts in Glasgow and has an interesting approach to food, creating a six-course tasting menu every six weeks. Six by Nico takes over a nice part of the Dublin property on Molesworth Place and has embarked on their current tasting menu, centered around chipper food (for a full review of it, click on the link).

You can find Six by Nico Dublin in 1 Molesworth Place for more information, visit their Instagram page.

9. Los Chicanos Taqueria

When the distinctive blue truck shook the streets of Dublin 8 the last week of June, it was with ease from a company that always knew they would get to the ground. Focus on authentic Mexican food gave Los Chicanos Taqueria a bit of an edge in what was then a supersaturated food truck scene. Scott Holder is the man behind the wheel and the cutting board. Holder has a background as working in Dublin’s The Winding Stair and L’Ecrivain, staying with Searsucker in the San Diego State Bird Provisions in San Francisco and Momofuku Seiōbo in Sydney. The food is probably as authentic as you’ll probably get in town right now, the team really excels at the simpler things like their street corn (pictured below) and their soft corn serve.

Check out their Instagram to see where Los Chicanos Taqueria shows up next time.

7. Hi Cannoli

Few food trucks have hit Dublin’s sidewalks with such a marked bang as Ciao Cannoli. Its USP sells simple, fresh cannolis served in a few different ways. Its brand is distinctly Italian, led by Federico Riezzo, director of the event specialist Catch Events and self-proclaimed “Cannolo Campione”. It turns out Dubliners can’t get enough of these cylindrical candies as Ciao Cannoli has expanded into a brick and mortar in Coppinger Row.

You can find Ciao Cannoli at 1 Coppinger Row, for more information visit Instagram.

6. Puck Burger

Puck Burger opened the shutters on their light blue food truck in late April. The team kept things simple with a menu of four burgers, french fries with dips and coffee. But the burgers really caught everyone’s attention, because they looked straight out of the kitchens in an Americana movie (pink ladies jacket unfortunately not included on the menu).

You can find Puck Burger in Malahide Marina for more information visit their Instagram.

5. Lennans Værft

Lennan’s Yard, which fits into 2021 on tooth skin, has made a strong impact despite being running for a few weeks. Located in an old wagon house, it is accessible through the old 260-year-old archway off Dawson Street, providing a whimsical and intriguing entrance. The plates are the level of lux you expect for that part of town, but with a nice seasonal and local use of ingredients.

You can find Lennans Yard on Dawson Street for more info visit Instagram.

4. Hawks

Hawker opened in June 2021 and was a glimpse of fun and color at the end of a pretty abysmal time for everyone. The food stall operating out the front window of Hang Dai opened with a fun and light-hearted food and drink menu (often handwritten on one side of a brown takeaway package). The team led by former 777 chef Adam Dunn makes some seriously adventurous specialties using often overlooked things like frog legs (pictured below), duck hearts and cheeseburgers wrapped in spring rolls.

You can find Hawker on Camden Street for more information, visit Instagram.

3. Library St

Perhaps one of 2021’s most anticipated openers, Library St sneaked in at the last minute and opened the doors to its Setanta Place location in November. The restaurant is run by former Allta chef Kevin Burke and is designed for sharing (Joey and Smithy would not approve). It is a concise menu, packed with seasonal Irish ingredients, which gives the more humble vegetables spotlight too little. Book it now and thank your future self later.

You can find Library St at Setanta Place for more information, visit Instagram.

2. Table wine

The good people behind Meet Me in the Morning have done a bit of chopping and changing the last while, changing the name to “The Morning” and converting the cafe into a takeaway coffee place. The square to the left of Pleasants Street has been transformed into Table Wine, a restaurant with an emphasis on yes, you guessed right wine. It’s an intimate place with a menu that feels like an extension of the quality and down-to-earthness that was once demonstrated on the brunch plates for Meet Me in the Morning. Opened in late 2021, there is little doubt that table wine will become one of the liveliest eateries in 2022.

You can find table wine on Pleasants Street for more information, visit the Instagram account.

1st delicatessen country

You may remember this place from before panny d when it was home to Cocu, the place of health conscious suits. At the end of April this year, it was replaced by tír deli, which is primarily a sandwich shop, but not just any old sandwich place. The team at tír deli are fanatical about their ingredients, they keep them hyperlocal and a bit off the wall (this Christmas they have a spruce mayo). The menu changes with the seasons, the ingredients are smoked, fermented or pickled in-house where possible. Sometimes with such experiments and fixation, the taste can be sacrificed, but nothing is sacrificed here, the output of tír is unparalleled.

You can find tír deli at Baggot Street Upper, for more info visit the Instagram account.

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