The front door of the old parliament building set on fire for the second time while the protests in Canberra continue

The entrance to the Old Parliament House has been set on fire for the second week in a row as protests continue outside the building.

A number of police moved the protesters away from the building after the doors started burning.

The fire is now extinguished as protesters continue to confront police officers and journalists.


Crowds began gathering last week as the 50th anniversary of the Aboriginal tent embassy, ​​which will be on Australia Day, approached.

However, ABC has been told that the protesters are not affiliated with the embassy.

The building houses the Museum of Australian Democracy, which was forced to close last week when protesters started a similar fire at the door.

A picture of doors with black paint on
The doors to the building were graffitied and burned during last week’s protest.(ABC News: Andrew Kennedy )

More on the way.

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A picture of doors with black paint on


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