The Los Angeles Lakers would be foolish not to keep Stanley Johnson

(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea / Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers took on the Memphis Grizzlies in the second leg of a highway back-to-back Wednesday night, and it was another disappointing loss that has become the norm this season. The Lakers led pretty much the entire game before blowing the lead in the fourth quarter.

The Lakers are now two games below 0.500 and all Laker fans have the ugly taste in their mouths that has been present all season. We all expected this team to be a championship challenger and it’s not even clear if they are a true playoff team this season.

There was at least one positive in the loss and this is where we will start with our three takeaways.

First takeaway: The Los Angeles Lakers would be foolish not to keep Stanley Johnson

Stanley Johnson signed a 10-day contract with the Los Angeles Lakers and has played really well for the team. Johnson is exactly what this team needs as he actually gives the Lakers a wing with size and defensive ability that can help on the perimeter.

One of the main reasons the Lakers are having a hard time this season is that the defense is so cruel, and Johnson is one that the Lakers would play in a top lineup for his defense while getting an off-ball shot.

He’s not a great rotation player by any means, but because of what he offers the Lakers, he has a much bigger impact on the team than other players on the list at the moment. There is speculation that the Lakers could cut DeAndre Jordan to keep Johnson nearby, and honestly, that’s exactly the step the team needs to take.

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