Upgrade your Nintendo Switch storage with these MicroSD offerings

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If there was one single thing we would blame our beloved Nintendo switches on, it is their small internal storage. Considering that many open-world RPGs take up a lot of space (we look at you, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt), 32GB far from covering it.

While the Nintendo Switch OLED model was released a few months ago with an increased internal capacity of 64 GB, it still does not quite cut.

You have three options if you want to tackle this problem. This is the most obvious: you can delete a game or two from your console. But then comes the frustrating decision to decide what to stay and what to go when it comes to clearing space. The second option, which utilizes the quick archiving feature, follows the same exercise.

But the third option (apart from buying another switch – which would be ridiculous) is to buy a micro SD card. Depending on the size you buy (sizes range from 32 GB up to 512 GB), a micro SD card is the easiest solution to your problem. They are also practical and very affordable.

Fortunately for you, we recognize that this is an issue that plagues many Nintendo Switch owners. We are happy to keep an eye on new offers on an ongoing basis, so when the time comes, you are well prepared.

What are the best micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch?

nintendo switch storage
Photo: SanDisk

256 GB Samsung EVO Plus is a beast of a micro SD. It has solid read and write speeds of up to 100MB / s and 90MB / s respectively, and is currently on sale for $ 42.60, down from $ 89.95. So not only will you increase your Switch’s storage space by 800%, you’ll also be able to do so for under $ 50. It is a lot space for games and there is a very good chance that it will be a long time before you ever get close to limiting it, if at all.

There’s also SanDisk’s range of Nintendo licensed micro SDs. You can currently pick up a 128GB SanDisk x Nintendo micro SD for $ 36.89, which usually sells for around $ 50. It has a solid read speed of 100 MB / s, so it has no problems loading and playing games quickly.

If you really want to give your Switch’s internal storage a boost, you can also grab a 512GB Samsung EVO Plus micro SD card for $ 82.40 (down from $ 149), or a 512GB SanDisk Ultra micro SD for $ 92.99 ( down from $ 159 RRP). If they are not enough storage space for you, I do not know what is.

How do you install a micro SD in your switch?

Adding a micro SD to your Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED is very easy. First, make sure your switch is off, and then pull it out of the dock. If you tilt the outrigger up, you will see a small slit. Insert your micro SD into this slot and you are ready to go.

Once inserted, turn on your switch again and go to the system settings. Under the Data Management menu, select “Move data between system / Micro SD card”. Select the prompt to move data from the console’s internal storage to the memory card, and then select the games you want to move.

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