Victim of parachute jump accident in Wollongong reflects on crash landing

One of the men was injured in a parachute jump accident in Wollongong yesterday says he feels lucky to be alive.
Emergency services were called to Stuart Park in North Wollongong yesterday after a tandem parachute jump went wrong.

The 55-year-old instructor, Mick, and his 27-year-old client, Brooklan Frkovic, aimed to land on the beach but were entangled in a pine tree, causing them to plunge into the sand.

Two men injured in parachute jump accident in Wollongong.
The men were engaged in a tandem parachute jump when they cut a pine tree on their way down. (9 news)

“I have a screenshot in my mind of what it looked like to get out in the sand,” Mr Frkovic said.

The 55-year-old suffered a concussion while Frkovic sustained facial, chest and pelvic injuries.

Both were taken to hospital in stable condition.

It was Mr. Frkovic’s first time to parachute, a bucket list gift from his girlfriend for Christmas.

“The fact that Mick and I came out relatively okay, all things considered, is amazing,” Mr Frkovic said.

Victim of parachute jump accident in Wollongong explains what happened.
Frkovic says he is lucky to be alive after the accident. (9 news)

Frkovic said the accident happened very quickly.

“We hit like the ground, and I think we jumped.”

“I was pretty breathless, so I was just trying to roll myself into a position where I could catch my breath.”

Two men injured in parachute jump accident in Wollongong.
Sir. Frkovic may even take another skydiving trip. (9 news)

After 24 hours, Frkovic is recovering well and hopes to be discharged from the hospital tonight.

“It’s a wild thing happening,” he said.

“It’s like having a car accident, you get back in the car. So I’ll see if I might make another one.”

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Skydive Australia is investigating the incident.

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