Warning as fierce crocodile pulled from the NT river

ONE Northern Territory man has posted a video of a 3.78-meter crocodile be pulled out of a river, as a warning to both tourists and locals.
Nathan Langer posted the video on his YouTube page yesterday, where it has so far had more than 2000 views.

In it, he shows a pair of wildlife guards holding and extracting the crocodile from Buffalo Creek, just north of Darwin.

Wildlife Rangers have pulled a 3.78-foot-long crocodile out of a river in the Northern Territory. (Nathan Langer)

It was only a few hundred meters from a popular fishing spot.

“I’ve seen a lot of people get in waist-high water and throw nets around, yes that’s what’s lurking in the water around here,” Mr Langer said.

“It will take you, and it will eat you, so be careful when you go and rummage around in the water of Buffalo Creek.”

The snappy crocodile was found in an esky in a Brisbane park

Snappy the little baby crocodile found in Brisbane park esky

Rangers estimated that the crocodile measured about 3.5 m, but it eventually clocked at 3.78.

NT Parks and Wildlife maintains several crocodile traps in populated areas in the north of the state, but people are encouraged to remain vigilant around the water and not assume they are safe to swim in.

Check out the official tips for joining CrocWise here.

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