When Manchester United postponed matches vs Brentford and Brighton can be played

Manchester United are set for some busy weeks as they play catch-up in the Premier League.

Ralf Rangnick’s team returned to action after a 16-day break when they met Newcastle earlier this week after seeing two matches postponed at the start of the festive season.

United’s trip to Brentford and home game against Brighton were both postponed before Christmas due to a Covid-19 outburst at the club and now they need to find a suitable time to rearrange them while juggling other commitments.

The Reds will hope to avoid a situation like last season, where they were forced to play three times in just five days after their home game against Liverpool was rearranged after fan protests at Old Trafford.

But when could the two rearranged matches take place? Here are some possible dates that may work.

18/19 January

The most reasonable date for one of the rearranged matches would be Tuesday the 18th or Wednesday the 19th of January.

United play Aston Villa in the Premier League on Saturday at 15. 17.15 (British time), and then have time off until the following Saturday, when they visit West Ham at. 15.00

Brighton meet Crystal Palace on Friday the 14th, so there are eight days between their next match against Leicester, making one of those dates possible for this match.

However, things are a little more complex with Brentford as they face Liverpool on Sunday the 16th and Wolves on Saturday the 22nd, making Wednesday the only midweek date they could do.

In the winter break

The Premier League winter break is set to take place between January 23 and February 7 next year, but there is a suggestion that this could be shortened or even canceled due to the Covid pandemic.

Due to the compressed season, there was no winter break last year, and it is not entirely out of the question that this could be scrapped to combat the current accumulation of the luminaire.

The fourth round of the FA Cup is set to take place over the weekend of February 5, but if both United and either Brentford or Brighton are knocked out of the competition before then, one of the league matches could take place instead.

The Brentford battle has been postponed.

15/16 February

The only other solution in the next two months would be for one of the matches to take place on Tuesday the 15th or Wednesday the 16th of February.

With playoffs of the fourth round of the FA Cup, the midweek should remain free, even though Premier League TV programs have not yet been completed by that time.

United host Southampton at the start of lunch on 12 February and are not in action until they travel to Leeds the following weekend – although the exact time and date have not been confirmed.

Brentford and Brighton will both play at 3pm on February 12, so they could both play in midweek, although their matches for the following weekend have not been completed either.

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