Why Chris Hayes says Omicron is “one of the strangest moments” of the pandemic

On The MSNBC host explained on Wednesday why he believes the infectivity of the Omicron variant is changing the normal of the pandemic.

When the United States set a new record for coronavirus infections this week, Martin Hibberd, a professor of new infectious diseases at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, quoted as estimating that Omicron’s R-naught could reach 10, meaning that each person, infected with Omicron infects another 10 people. In simpler terms, Omicron is much more contagious and transmissible than the original strain with an R-nu of 2.5 and the Delta variant with 7.

Hayes said: “To stop something so contagious, something with an R-zero of 10, you would essentially need 100% vaccination. It’s like eradicating measles. You would have pretty much everything. The world, to get collective immunity. We do not have that. So little to put in extremely dramatic lockdowns, things like the ones we had in March and April, where all companies and all schools. This variant is going to spread like crazy and it is “exactly what we see. And then this moment is in some ways one of the strangest of the pandemics. We’re approaching the two-year mark, and all of a sudden we’re dealing with a somewhat different beast in some ways.” Hayes then pointed out how the CDC changed their isolation and quarantine to just five days before comparing the rate of infection with ‘Omicron with influenza’.

“We have not quite had such an infectious disease that can cause serious illness,” Hayes explained, adding that it “looks more like influenza. Influenza, of course, can still be dangerous and kill people. Tens of thousands of Americans every year, but we do not orient ourselves It’s closer to the level of risk that 200 million Americans or less are currently facing, and when you add the total exhaustion that many people feel, and I do not need to tell you that, I’m sure. “Because you feel it yourself, many of you. The duration of this disruption in our lives, of course, is the politics of the pandemic completely different from what it was before in the pandemic.”

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