With £ 3.1 million in funding, Covid is taking another step forward as a home-nose spray. »Brinkwire

With £ 3.1 million in funding, Covid is one step closer to becoming the first home spray at home.

RESEARCHERS are now testing a nasal spray at home to see if it can help prevent COVID-19 infection and spread.

The clinical trials will be conducted by Melbourne biomedical researchers from the University of Melbourne and Monash University, who have received ($ 4.2 million) (£ 3.1 million).

Northern Hospital will conduct the six-month trial in collaboration with Oxford University and will focus on heparin, a commonly used blood-thinning drug.

Injection of a blood-thinning drug into the nose could, according to Australian researchers, provide protection against Covid.

Heparin is a drug used to treat and prevent blood clots, as well as to treat heart attacks and unstable angina.

The benefits of using this drug as the basis of the revolutionary nasal spray include its low cost, room temperature stability and global availability.

This treatment would be simple to administer, according to Professor Gary Anderson, director of the University of Melbourne’s Lung Health Research Center.

Only two puffs in each nostril, three times a day, would be required for Covid patients.

“Basic scientific studies have revealed that intranasal heparin may be a useful way to prevent COVID-19 infection and spread,” he said.

“COVID-19 first infects cells in the nose, and to do so, the virus must bind to heparan sulfate on the surface of the nasal cells lining the nose.”

Because heparin – the active ingredient in our spray – has a structure very similar to heparan sulphate, it acts as a ‘lure’ that wraps around the virus’ tip protein like a python and prevents it from infecting you or spreading to others. ”

“Most importantly, because the heparan sulfate binding site is essential for infection and is likely to be preserved in new variants, this nasal spray should be effective for all COVID-19 variants.”

“The omicron variant that sweeps across the country eagerly binds to heparin.”

As the Omicron variant grows in popularity, this is great news for the rest of the world.

Vaccine efficacy has also declined as people around the world are being urged to get booster shots.

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