Woman left stranded in apartment after landlord removed stairs without notice

A woman has pampered her TikTok followers with a strange tale of the day her landlord removed the stairs in her apartment complex and left her trapped inside.

TikTokker Olivia Crump opened her front door to a confusing sight one morning when she realized that the stairs in her complex had been removed without her knowledge.

Puts the video online, Olivia – who appears to be from the US – shared: “When your apartment removes the stairs without notice and you are stuck for hours.”

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Woman left trapped in apartment after stairs disappear
Olivia was left trapped in her apartment for four hours. (TikTok)

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The clip showed Olivia’s view from her apartment on the third floor, where the one staircase leading down to the floor below had been removed.

“It was impossible to get down without climbing over the ledge with a ladder or scaling the side with a decent drop underneath,” she explained in an interview with Daily dot.

“My apartment complex has not notified any of the residents in advance (and still has not contacted since this happened).”

Olivia said she and her neighbors were stuck for nearly four hours before a worker told her she could walk down the unfinished stairs.

Woman left trapped in apartment after stairs disappear
The woman opened her front door to realize that the stairs had been removed. (TikTok)

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“I also called the apartment and they told me they did not know the stairs were being worked on,” she added.

The clip has since attracted 1.1 million views and comments from users urging Olivia to call in a fire chief.

“Definitely a fire hazard. They should have had everyone go or made a temporary alternative route,” one person said.

“Building law, fire and rent violations. Heavy, large fines,” wrote another.

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