Woman reunited with Cockapoo, who disappeared for days after being hit by a car in Stockport

A 10-month-old Cockapoo who disappeared in Stockport over Christmas has been reunited with its owner.

Ted disappeared from Hall Street on December 22, CheshireLive reports.

The red fox-colored Cockapoo from Macclesfield was living with his owner’s grandparents when he escaped and ran off before being hit by a car.

An appeal to help find him was then issued by Beth Loftus, Ted’s owner.

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She said she thought he had been unharmed by the car but had run away.

Luckily, on the second day of Christmas, Beth received a series of calls from people who had seen Ted, and after a trip to Stockport, she was finally reunited with her beloved dog.

Ted in the car on the way home

She said: “He was found the second day of Christmas. We got quite a few sightings that day from around the Hazel Grove area.

“We got a deal in the morning and then they died. We did not hear anything for a few hours, then we got a few more calls around the Racecourse Estate in Hazel Grove.

“But luckily no one tried to chase him or grab him, so we managed to get there in time. It was at Monarch Close, and the lady who was watching him for us just said he just has gone down there on Monarch.Close.

“So I got out of the car and started going down and he just ran over in front of me so I just called his name and when he saw me he ran right over to me.”

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Ted was taken home, given food and water and then went to the vet for a checkup, which confirmed that everything was OK.

Beth said her other dog, Dougie, a three-year-old German Shepherd crossed with a Golden Retriever, did not eat while Ted was away.

She said, “I think it really hit Dougie pretty hard because Ted is his little best mate.

“He did not even eat and was really down, but since we’ve got him back, it’s just been really, really good, and Dougie even keeps storing some of his food in Ted’s bowl.

“But me and my mom are just so grateful to everyone who has been involved and even just sharing the posts and praying for him.

“Everyone’s support has just been so amazing and we’re just so grateful for every little bit of help we’ve received.”

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