2022 Land Rover new cars

2021 was a big year for Land Rover, with its new Defender proving to be a popular hit. The UK off-road brand will build on this momentum with some updated vehicles in 2022.

Above: Land Rover Defender Bond Edition.

Last year (2021) was a landmark year for Land Rover, with the revived Defender four-wheel drive vehicle spending an entire year on sale. And perhaps not surprisingly, it has already risen to the top of the UK brand’s sales list in Australia.

Although it still feels fresh, Land Rover is still mixing and fiddling with the Defender series. Some of these changes have been forced to the manufacturer due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage. Otherwise, it seeks to streamline its offering where possible and focus more on the more popular varieties.

Along with a host of minor changes, the short-wheelbase Defender 90 loses its cheapest D200 diesel engine option. The cheapest ticket into the Defender series is still via the P300 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine, but the diesel range now starts with a more expensive and more powerful D250 driveline.

But for those who want ultimate power-boasting rights – and have pockets deep enough to order – the P525 Defender V8 will be at the top of their list, continuing from launch in mid-2021 (with subtle changes ). This 5.0-liter V8 compressor does 386 kW and 625 Nm, enough to drive the off-roader from 0-100 km / h in just 5.2 seconds (90) or 5.4 seconds (110).

This is the most expensive Defender variant, costing $ 215,480 before road costs for the short-range Defender 90 V8 and $ 220,530 before on-road cost for Defender 110 V8.

While Defender has undoubtedly stolen the limelight over the past two years, the Land Rover Discovery is also ready for some updates during 2022.

Model Year 2023 examples of the Land Rover Discovery – which will be available in April 2022 – will include a wireless charging pad and Land Rover’s Activity Key, along with some minor adjustments to the model range. These changes come after Land Rover added its new line of inline-six ‘Ingenium’ petrol and diesel engines and updated infotainment to the new ‘Pivi Pro’ system in late 2020.

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