3 players that the Los Angeles Lakers were to advance from ASAP

(Photo by Harry How / Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

There’s only one word to describe the Los Angeles Lakers so far this season: disappointing. The Lakers are currently two games under 0.500 at the time of writing in a season where they were the bonafide favorites to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals.

Not only have the Lakers seen their place taken over by the Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz, but they have not looked like a candidate at all. In fact, at this point, it feels more likely that the Lakers will miss the playoffs than it is that they will reach the NBA Finals.

There’s just so much the Lakers can do. The team is unlikely to make a super effective trade and the best potential pre-season buyout goal no longer looks like an option. At this time of year, the Lakers’ best route is being added by subtraction.

If so, there are several players that the Los Angeles Lakers should move on from.

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, we are unlikely to see the Lakers directly release anyone in the near future. But as soon as the team gets over this obstacle, there are more players that the Lakers should move on from to make room for new players.

Guys like Stanley Johnson, who actually give the team what it needs, are what the Lakers should prioritize right now. It comes at the expense of letting go of other players.

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