Big names are turning up the volume on Melbourne’s music scene

“Okay Melbourne! You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world, KISS!” We’ve heard the famous stage announcement many times since New York’s most OTT pop metal phenomenon first blew us away in 1980, but when and if the three-time fanfare resonates around Rod Laver Arena in March, it will really feel like of course everything is right with the world.Of course they may not be everyone’s cup of chicken blood, but just the fact that a major international action explodes on an Australian stage as business as usual is a good reason for music fans to maintain faith in 2022. Here are some more ….

BILLIE EILISH, Rod Laver Arena, September 22, 23, 24, 26

Billie Eilish on stage in Austin, Texas, in October.

Billie Eilish on stage in Austin, Texas, in October.Credit:Getty Images

From SoundCloud to the five-year-old Bond theme, melancholic child-sister neighbor Billie Eilish has reached the staggering heights of indie success apparently without leaving her American bedroom studio. In fact, this will be her fourth visit to Australia, but sunshine is not a big player in relentlessly moody and subdued squillion streamers such as. Lost Cause, Bury a Friend, Wish You Were Gay, Bored, Bad Guy and the one that gives her second album and this tour its name: Happier than ever. Spoiler alert: she’s still not special, but the rest of us want to be cock-and-hoop over four big nights in the big room.

MIDNIGHT OIL: The Final Tour, Rod Laver Arena, March 9th

Midnight Oil's farewell tour hits Rod Laver Arena on March 9th.

Midnight Oil’s farewell tour hits Rod Laver Arena on March 9th.Credit:Daniel Boud

Album title Withstand is at the same time totally on-brand and a bit dissonant for a band of mighty rock warriors who say yes to “The Final Tour” in 2022. Of course, there is room for the patented Farnesy backflip in small print as the members “remain very open to record new music together in the future and support purposes they believe in. ”But in the wake of bassist Bones Hillman’s sad passing and an uncharacteristically defeated single called Rising Seas, the upright machine that has been cutting brains since the mid-1970s will no longer be roadblocked after this last, no doubt emotionally charged lap.

HAMILTON, Her Majesty’s Theater from March 16th

Cast from Hamilton goes to Melbourne in March.

Cast from Hamilton goes to Melbourne in March.

You’ve listened to the soundtrack, streamed the Broadway video on Disney + and probably heard a child rap the best pieces in the bath, but even seven years on the road, the live experience on stage is definitely the only way to tell your grandchildren you’ve experienced it. mega-award-winning phenomenon, Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s jazz / soul / hip-hop musical about the American founder Alexander Hamilton hardly needs any clarification here. The happy reviews from Sydney indicate that the Australian cast members are making easy work of the transition from its resounding modern American context.

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