Check out the ingenious ways people freeze their hummingbird feeders during the BC cold

Hummingbird enthusiasts in British Columbia know no bounds when it comes to ingenious solutions to keep the province’s smallest bird feeding in freezing temperatures.

Tealights, tinfoil, hand warmers, glowing Christmas lights and preheated socks are just some of the things MacGuyvered for devices that keep the sugar water containers flowing for Anna’s hummingbirds.

You can read why it is important to be vigilant about keeping a hummingbird feeder free of ice here, especially with sub-zero temperatures expected to last through the weekend on the lower mainland.

Here’s a selection of homemade devices to help our little feathered friends in cold times:

Visitors to this feeder in Nanaimo, BC, can enjoy a drink with a view. Sharon Grondin’s ultra-Canadian hummingbird feeder does not freeze thanks to a single patio bulb and a scarf. (Posted by Sharon Grondin)

Jane Tyerman from Maple Bay, BC, uses a cloth and oven glove around the column with a rechargeable electric hand warmer duct wallpaper for the bottom left; heat tape normally used to ward off frozen tubes works well in Squamish, downtown; and cotton sheet-filled tinfoil bottom heated by lamp, to the right. (Larry Pynn / Teal Imbeau / Kathleen Scott)

A Styrofoam cooler with problem lights inside and holes cut to focus the heat up to the feeder, left and visitors. “I hope the city law officer doesn’t write me up for the new red light district,” Glen Govier said. (Posted by Glen Govier)

It helps to have a man who is a drummer, said Kelly Graham, who strapped a reptile lamp to a pelvic stand. (Posted by Kelly Graham)

Lynne MacFadgen’s festive solution is a single Christmas sock that is heated in the dryer every hour. (Posted by Lynne MacFadgen)

In Campbell River, BC, Dale Peterson and Barbara Flewelling set up a heater under their feeder as they walked away overnight. When they returned, they decided to keep it running after observing a hummingbird enjoying the heat. They say the extra cost to their electricity bill is worth it. (Posted by Dale Peterson and Barbara Flewelling)

A problem light with 100-watt incandescent bulb and Christmas light combination in Langley, left; a dollar-store bucket and bulb unit in Port Alberni, BC, downtown; and a bulb in a can drilled with holes hung with homemade bracket “S” hooks, to the right. (Laurie Biagini / Susan Roth / Kathy and Cory Couture)

In the Walnut Grove neighborhood of Langley, BC, a lamp set, a metal oil funnel and a 40-watt bulb do the trick. Inventor Rhea Leimert says the two most frequent visitors, called Goose and Maverick, ‘like to hang their little butts over the edge for a little warm-up.’ (Posted by Rhea Leimert)

Greg Krusel says his base heater, sock, dome and heat lamp combination make his lobsters feel like they’re in Hawaii. (Posted by Greg Krusel)

No frost protection solution here, just a beautiful picture of a hummingbird shot in May 2021 in Maple Ridge, BC (Posted by Bindhu Mohan)

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