COVID-19: Warning up to 40% of agreements with coronavirus vaccines are absent | UK News

Health leaders have warned that up to 40% of vaccine appointments are absentees, as the government claimed to have met its target for coronavirus booster jabs.

The NHS Confederation said it was “encouraging” to see people come forward and get theirs COVID-19 jabs.

But it said it had heard reports that some sites were only a third full, despite cases of the Omicron variant continuing to rise “rapidly”.

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The Prime Minister renews COVID booster appeal

Matthew Taylor, CEO of the NHS Confederation, said some primary care managers had told the organization that people did not show up for as many as 40% of their scheduled bookings.

“It’s encouraging to see people still getting to their first and second doses, as well as the massive performance on boosters,” he said.

“But, cases of Omicron are rising fast … Health leaders are concerned about the level of disease and demands that their staff across the NHS may have to respond to in January, and therefore it is crucial that everyone who is eligible takes grab offers of a jab or boostershot.

“Some leaders in primary care tell us that their vaccination clinics are only a third full and that people do not show up for as many as 40% of their booked times.

“While walk-ins remain on offer, they are urging people to stick to their planned vaccine agreements and if for some reason they can not cancel with notice as this will help deal with the pressure, especially given the staffing crisis , we are facing at the moment. “

There have been reports of anti-waxers who have deliberately booked vaccine appointments and then do not show up.

The comments come when the Ministry of Health and Social Care said it had met goals set by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to offer all eligible over 18-year-olds in the UK the opportunity to have a booster jab by 31 December.

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‘Come and get your plug’

It is understood that this is based on the uptake of the vaccines and those eligible are contacted.

Health Minister Sajid Javid said he was “happy” to confirm the goal had been reached.

“I am incredibly proud of the work the NHS has done to speed up the program and thank the front line staff, volunteers, the armed forces and the British public who have made it possible for us to fulfill this commitment,” he said.

Labor shadow shadow minister Wes Streeting said: “While eagle-eyed observers will note that the prime minister moved the goalposts on what he actually promised to deliver, this should not detract a bit from the fact that the NHS has drawn an unprecedented number of vaccinations in recent weeks.

“Everyone involved should be hugely proud of what they have achieved, from volunteer vaccinators to members of our armed forces called in to help.

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PM: Omicron variant ‘rise’

“I encourage anyone who has not yet received their first, second or booster jab to book without delay.”

Initially, the goal was to offer a booster jab to those eligible by the end of January.

But this was brought forward by a month in response to the identification and subsequent proliferation of the more transferable Omicron variant of COVID.

On Wednesday, a total of 435,293 booster and third-dose doses were reported in the UK, the highest daily number since 23 December.

More than 33.5 million booster and third doses have been delivered in the UK, including 1.8 million within the last seven days.

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