Covid in Scotland: The 13 areas with record-breaking coronavirus cases

THREE of Scotland’s local authorities are experiencing record levels of Covid-19 cases, new figures have revealed.

The impact of the highly contagious Omicron variant is beginning to show clearly in Public Health Scotland’s data.

National analyzed the highest number of daily reported positive cases by each local authority from February 2020, the earliest available to date.

Our study showed that a staggering 13 municipalities in recent days have reported the highest number of daily cases during the pandemic so far.

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It comes as daily coronavirus cases in Scotland hit record highs for the second day in a row with 16,857.

Although Glasgow City had the highest number of positive cases on 30 December (2269), the area has a denser population and regularly has a larger number than elsewhere in Scotland. However, the highest number of cases in Glasgow reached 2272 on 27 December, showing only a small decrease in a number of days.

Elsewhere, North Lanarkshire recorded 1522 positive cases on 30 December, the previous peak being 1446 on 27 December.

Fife also reported top case numbers with 1084 positive results, up from 1006 on 27 December.

Cases in Perth and Kinross jumped from a previous record high of 393 on December 27 to 536 daily cases on December 30, while East Dunbartonshire’s previous record of 456 on December 27 was overtaken by 506 cases reported on Thursday.

Use our interactive map below to see if your site has reported a record number of positive cases.

Inverclyde reported 463 daily positive cases (up from 320 on December 27), Moray recorded 449 positive cases (up from 345 on December 28), and Dundee City reported 428 cases (up from 379 on December 27).

Both East and North Ayrshire local authorities saw record highs this week. In East Ayrshire, a record 415 daily cases were reported, compared to 350 cases on 27 December, and in North Ayrshire cases rose to 379 positive in a single day, up from 302 on 28 December.

And the rise continued on the East Coast, with Midlothian reporting 330 new positive cases (up from 324 on December 27), East Lothian reporting 329 cases (up from 219 on December 27) and Angus registering 247 positive new cases (up from 219 in December). ). 27).

Shetland also reached a record high, with 35 positive cases reported in a single day, an increase from the previous record of 34 on 17 November.

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It comes as the Prime Minister addressed the increase in the number of people in hospitals with the virus in Scotland, which rose by 131 to 810 in 24 hours.

She said on Twitter: “Another record number of reported cases today – reflecting the fact that Omicron is very, very contagious.

“The probability of getting it right now if you mix with others is high. Remember, though – being boosted gives you significant protection against getting sick from it.

The national:

Scots have been urged to get their booster jabs on as soon as possible

“Just as remarkable as the case is the steep rise in hospital occupancy, the largest single-day rise in a while – a reminder that even if there is a lower% admitted via Omicron, the large amount will still put acute pressure on the NHS – and result in serious illness for many.

“In terms of these numbers, they would be even higher, but for good compliance with public health councils.

“As we approach the new year, I appeal to everyone to keep following this advice – for your own sake and also to help the NHS.”

The Scottish Government has been contacted for comment.

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