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A Deptford-based duo launches an online learning platform on history with a two-hour event that will give you the experience of a day at Shakespeare’s Theater.

platforms, A little turned on, was born during the lockdown when historian Andy Kesson and Shakespeare actor Jimmy Tucker began posting free weekly history videos online on quirky topics such as bears in Elizabethan England.

Their success has led them to expand their videos with longer events and courses.

They said: “We are really excited to launch this new venture that creates a new space for learning together and connects a wide audience with the latest ideas and creative work.

“‘A Day Out at Shakespeare’s Theater’ ‘ will launch our new platform perfectly with its mix of archeological, archival and performance-based discoveries and a true sense of anarchic fun.

“The theaters of Shakespeare’s time were brand new experiments in the field of public entertainment and the dissemination of innovative ideas, and we hope to create something similar online.”

A little light The debut event takes place on Saturday 15 January and will be the first in a series of events and courses that draw on historical and cultural research and performance expertise.

Historian Andy Kesson

Theater lovers and history buffs are invited to experience A day out in Shakespeare’s Theater, an opportunity to imagine a trip to the theater in the 17th century, where one dives into the decisions and dilemmas they might have faced while taking in the day’s sights, sounds and even smells in a two-hour experience.

The event will bring together talent from the theater and academia, including Sir Simon Russell Beale and This is Shakespeare author Professor Emma Smith, who will introduce the event.

Audience members will have a chance to create their own Shakespeare-era production with artists from improv troupe The Pantaloons taking the learning of Shakespeare’s theater to a new, more immersive level.

To help build the atmosphere and provide clues as the audience creates the show, theater and performance artist Emma Frankland and Scottish-Thai actress, theater maker, author and drag queen Bea Webster will provide traffic and weather reports for the day.

The audience will then be joined by some of the most groundbreaking academics who will unveil surprising and unknown research on the period, including the Museum of London Archeology’s Heather Knight on forgotten venues and Before Shakespeare Callan Davies on the women who ran Shakespearean theater and Holly Dugan on the smell of early modern London.

Main Picture: Shakespearean actor Jimmy Tucker

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