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The boyfriend calls her lover ‘selfish’ and ‘unwelcome’ for refusing to pay the bill when she goes out to dinner with friends

  • A man has been slapped by his girlfriend for refusing to pay for her friends
  • He said his girlfriend expects him to pay the bill for evenings with the girls
  • But users on Reddit have warned the man that he is being used by his partner

A loving boyfriend has been branded as ‘selfish and unwelcome’ by his girlfriend after telling her he would no longer pay the bill for her friends on a night on the town.

The anonymous man, 24, started a Reddit thread to talk about his girlfriend’s friends, a group of five women who often invite themselves to date nights or suggest big nights.

When it comes to paying the bill late at night, the group all looks at him, a habit that costs him hundreds of dollars every week.

A man has been hailed as 'selfish and unwelcome' by his girlfriend after telling her he would no longer pay the bill for her friends on a night on the town

A man has been hailed as ‘selfish and unwelcome’ by his girlfriend after telling her he would no longer pay the bill for her friends on a night on the town

“I had had it, I told ‘Bridget’ that in the future I will only pay for myself and her and whatever these friends order is up to them, he explained.

But the conversation with his partner through three years did not go as he had expected.

“She feels that I am not accommodating to her friends and worries that if she tells them that their food and drinks are on them, they will resent her for it,” he said.

The frustrated man said he would be happy to pay for the group if the excursions were less frequent or if they did not have expensive taste.

‘God forbid that they have a certain restraint, do not order the expensive food along with drinks. If they order something simple, no, they all order $ 14 wine. Last Monday, do not ask why, because it is pointless, the dinner bill was $ 667, ‘he complained.

The man owns a home and pays more than willingly for his partner, but this is where bankrolling ends.


Should the man be expected to pay the bill?

  • Yes, but only for his partner 49 votes
  • No, he should get them all to contribute 132 votes
  • Yes, he has created an expectation 2 votes

“I think I’ve been generous over the years, not because I’m complaining about paying for her, because I know it’s par for the course,” he said.

But the users who commented on the online thread seemed to be stuck on his side – and insisted that he should part with his girlfriend and her friends.

“You’re the group’s sugar daddy, I’m sorry, but she’s just using you,” said one man.

‘If her friends get mad at her because her boyfriend no longer buys them everything, they’s shitty people. If she cares more about it than she cares about your feelings, then it may be worth reconsidering the relationship.

But the man insisted his relationship was solid gold apart from her friend’s expensive habits.

“This only started to happen when we moved in together,” he said.

Others said he was naive.

‘You mean it started right after it got a lot harder to break up? Almost like she wanted you caught? ‘ One person asked.

Some warned the man to be careful about being ‘captured’ by the woman.

But he said he is sure she would pay him if he should lose his job because she has saved up for a rainy day.

“She’s saving so she can drop you when you’re no longer comfortable – be careful,” said one woman.

Some warned that disruption of her financial benefits could lead to the breakdown of their relationship.

‘Just warned that she may walk away if she feels you are withdrawing, but it might still be worth considering reconsidering your relationship.’


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