Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother says crimes against Epstein prosecutors ‘were not committed by my sister’

In an exclusive American TV show, Kevin Maxwell says his sister has been unfairly portrayed.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother says he rejects any possibility that his sister is guilty of the sex trafficking crimes she was convicted of on Wednesday.

Kevin Maxwell spoke in an exclusive US television broadcast to ABC News a day after a jury convicted his sister of conspiring with and aiding serial killer Jeffrey Epstein in his sexual abuse of underage girls.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s longtime employee, was convicted on Wednesday of five out of six offenses related to the abuse and trafficking of underage girls between 1994 and 2004.

Kevin Maxwell told ABC News’ James Hill that his sister had been unfairly portrayed as Epstein’s “demon queen” accomplice, and that although the prosecution’s testimony could have moved, she should not be pillaged for her longtime colleague’s crimes.

“I think anyone who sat and listened to the testimony of the prosecution – I’m a father, I’m a brother, anyone, just any normal guy who listens to their testimony – will have been touched. And I can “But it does not mean that I believe for a single second that my sister is guilty of the crimes for which she was convicted,” said Kevin Maxwell.

Epstein, the former millionaire financier, died of suicide in prison in 2019.

Ghislaine and Kevin Maxwell are two of the children of the controversial British publishing mogul Robert Maxwell, who drowned in the Atlantic Ocean after falling off his yacht in 1991.

Kevin Maxwell sat through his sister’s trial in a significant portion of the case, often accompanied by her other siblings, Isabel, Christine and Ian. Less than 24 hours after his sister was convicted, he told ABC News he was “still shocked” by the verdict in what he described as a “huge injustice”.

His sister will appeal the verdict, Maxwell said, and he was sure it would be overturned and that she would be justified.

“The reality is that there are countless jury cases, judicial disruptions involving juries where judgments have been overturned on appeal. This will just be another one,” Maxwell said.

“Because of the, we believe, very strong legal and evidentiary reasons for the appeal, it obviously has to wait for the sentencing, so it’s a long way off, but the work is already underway and we are very confident,” he said. .

Although several prosecutors testified that Ghislaine Maxwell had cared for them for Epstein’s abuse – and at times even participated in it – Kevin Maxwell pushed his role back.

“There is no, simply no, question that there are many victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes,” Maxwell said. “They are simply not crimes committed by my sister.”

Kevin Maxwell would not say if he had anything to tell Epstein’s prosecutors and those who say Ghislaine Maxwell played a role in complicity in Epstein’s crimes.

“I do not want to use this opportunity to in any way disparage the evidence that has been given by these prosecutors; it is their evidence,” he said. “As I say, I remain absolutely convinced of Epstein’s crimes. I am just as convinced that my sister will be acquitted on appeal and these guilty verdicts will be overturned.”

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