‘High End’ RPG remake under development for PS5

A supposed ‘high-end’ PS5 remake is under development in a Japanese studio that previously worked in the Final Fantasy and Atelier franchises.

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Re-recordings are in high demand lately in the video game industry, as players receive news about high-profile re-recordings from Dead Space to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Another remake has apparently entered the fray as a Japanese team that has previously worked on downloadable content for Final Fantasy 15, that Atelier series, and Person It is reported that the series is working on one.

It has recently been reported that the Japanese team Mutan Insight is hiring staff for an alleged “high-end” RPG remake for PlayStation 5. The team is looking to hire a 3D motion designer, 3D art director, 3D background designer and 2D character designer. The title will apparently also make use of Unreal Engine 5 technology, something Square Enix is ​​using to develop its upcoming Dragon Quest 12 game. It is unclear at this time which major publisher is collaborating with, or even what the game is a remake of.


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Signs clearly point to a Square Enix joint, as the company has had previous experience working with Mutan Insight Final Fantasy 15. Square Enix also seems to be interested in Unreal Engine 5 moving forward for anything not produced by its Luminous Productions team. As for the apparent PlayStation 5 exclusivity, it could be that Square Enix likes how the exclusivity partnership has gone in terms of upcoming title Forsagt and Final Fantasy 7 remake (which at the time of writing is only available on PlayStation systems and recently announced to come to PC in 2022). However, as the team has been working on Person It could also be a collaboration with SEGA instead.

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There is, of course, the Nvidia leak that suggested one Chrono Cross the remake has been underway despite this year’s hyped Chrono Cross event leading to a crossover with Yet another Eden instead of the rumored remake. It is possible the team in charge Chrono franchise wanted to see how fervently fans wanted one Chrono Cross re-recording and how they would respond Yet another Eden crossover event. Yet another Eden game director Daisuke Takashima said he would love to see the remake materialize.

Whatever Japanese company produces this “advanced” RPG remake, it will definitely turn its head when unveiled. There are a number of confirmed and rumored Japanese remakes floating around that would fit nicely into this category. It is even possible that Mutan Insight may help with the production of Part 2 of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 remake, but it will probably take some time before more news is revealed.

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