In response to increasing gun violence in the hip-hop community, The 11 Eleven Network is ready to produce “Hip-Hop 4 Peace Town Hall Meeting” in Los Angeles

While tensions and violence in the hip-hop community continue at a record high throughout Los Angeles and cities nationwide, community leaders are committed to finding a solution. On February 8, 2022, “Hip-Hop 4 Peace Town Hall Meeting: Peace in the Streets” will be a personal, 2-hour special panel event at CatchOne LA and will serve as a space for discussion and strategy to bring the meaningless and tragic violence in our streets among hip hop artists comes to a standstill. Livestream will also be available on The 11 Eleven Network, where in addition the cities of Chicago and Philadelphia will participate with live panel discussions available remotely.

The afternoon event in CatchOne LA will consist of several high-profile and highly respected panelists, including hip-hop artists, community activists, government leaders, law enforcement representatives and family members of victims of violence. Participants and the public will be encouraged to ask questions and make statements with the common goal of cultivating security in our communities and preventing more unnecessary lost lives. More information to come.

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