Joan Collins felt she was ‘in jail’ during the first lockdown in London

Lady Joan Collins quickly moved to the south of France with her husband Percy Gibson as international travel was allowed after the first lockdown of coronavirus

Joan Collins lockdown comments
Joan Collins was frustrated in London

Lady Joan Collins has confessed that she felt like she was in jail when the UK first went into lockdown in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 88-year-old spent the first few months incarcerated in London before moving to France with her husband Percy Gibson as soon as international travel was allowed.

The actress decided to move into her property in the south of France after being frustrated by the restrictions.

According to the Daily Mail, the star said: “I found London difficult because I felt like I was in jail without knowing when I was going to get out.”

She admitted that she initially spent a “ridiculous” time just watching TV and revealed that she was gaining weight because there was nothing to do but eat and drink.

Joan Collins says she put on under lockdown


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Joan continued: ” Of course I was [in tracksuits] were we not all? I got about half a stone. I ate as much as possible, apart from drinking bottles of wine and polishing chocolate – what else was there to do?

“I also watched endless television – it was ridiculous. I watched nine hours a day.

“I watched the morning shows and read all the newspapers so it would take me up to lunch time.”

But the former Dynasty star said she had to have a “happy gene” as she still did not feel low.

In an earlier interview, she admitted: “I think I was born with this gene of abundance and excitement. I wake up every morning and get excited about my first cup of coffee and the newspapers.

“I get upset when I watch the news sometimes, but I’m very lucky I do not suffer from depression or a lot of sadness.

“I have the happy gene – it’s just something built in.”

However, she has revealed that she misses the eighties where the shoulder pads were huge and greed was good.

Percy Gibson and Dame Joan Collins


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Joan Collins starred in Dynasty in the 1980s


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She spoke to The Mirror about her time as Alexis at Dynasty and said: “It was the right show at the right time. It had beautiful people, beautiful clothes, beautiful scenery, real flowers, real caviar, real anger behind the scenes from some of U.S.

“The 1980s were the ‘me’ decade. The markets traded bonds with Gordon Gekko’s bravado. And the stock market clearly rose and people made a lot of money and invested them and lived the good life.

“I do not care what people say about it. I do not care if they say it was all greed and Gordon Gekko. I loved Gordon Gekko and I miss it.”

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