Kate Middleton should host ‘low key’ 40. to avoid being compared to Meghan Markle

Kate Middleton is set to keep her 40th birthday “consciously modest” in an attempt to avoid being compared to Meghan Markles VIP parties.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who turns 40 on January 9th, is expected to keep things low when she marks the milestone next year – far from how Meghan celebrated her 40th in August.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe told OKAY! He believes Kate does not want “any fuss” about her birthday as she wants to focus on her responsibilities to the monarchy and the family.

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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge
The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to hold her 40th birthday ‘low key’ next year. (Getty)

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“The first picture of the two kisses was taken as Kate quietly celebrated her birthday with William at the Klosters ski resort in Switzerland,” Larcombe explained.

“But that was then, and it’s just not Kate’s style to want to hold a lavish party for friends and family.

“I also do not see her going on any VIP tours to upscale restaurants in the West End.”

Larcombe says Kate is expected to mark the occasion quietly with Prince William and her family instead of partying as “the Duke and Duchess grow older with grace”.

Meghan soon joins Melissa in drinking bone china tea.
Meghan Markle celebrated her 40th birthday with a new initiative. (Archewell)

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It is believed that Kate does not want comparisons with Meghan’s celebrity meeting, where the former royal invited VIP guests to help launch a mentoring program to support women returning to work.

Celebrities like Melissa McCarthy, Adele and Stella McCartney attended the event to give 40 minutes of their time, as part of Meghan’s 40×40 plan.

Larcombe says it is unlikely Kate will use her birthday to announce or start a new project.

“She’s unlikely because firstly it’s just not her way, and secondly because of the obvious comparisons to Meghan and this awful continuation of one-upmanship that the palace is so eager to avoid,” he added.

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