LG soups for cooking with connected smart kitchen – Pickr

The next recipe you follow may not only come from your phone, but also go to your microwave and stove.

The home is changing into a more Internet-connected smart home, and not just because of web-controlled lighting and the voice assistants of Google, Alexa and Siri.

Your devices may be the next in line to receive something smart, at least with what is being previewed at CES 2022.

While this year’s first major tech show may end up being virtual only thanks to the rise in Omicron cases abroad, some of the news about the latest gadgets comes in ahead of time, and that includes what can happen in the kitchen.

It’s an area that typically does not see many of the exciting technologies, but LG has a couple of devices on the way that are set to launch an oven and microwave that can talk to the web for cooking instructions when making frozen meals. It will not be for everything, but LG’s “Scan to Cook” technology will reportedly work with some form of AI to prepare cooking instructions for selected meals, although we are not entirely sure of the extent of them.

The web-connected recipe system will not be the only features of LG’s smart oven and microwave, where the former – LG InstaView Double Oven (above) – has a convection oven technology that works in an Air Fry and Air Sous Vide mode, which means it can may need fewer appliances to use bursts of hot air to cook (air frying) or keep the temperature and mimic the water bath preparation that is sous vide.

Meanwhile in the latter, LG’s 2022 microwave oven, there is a wide glass window to see through and a vent to remove smoke and odors.

For the most part, it looks like all the cool technology is in the big one, Double Oven, but we’ll be excited to see if LG’s recipe connection concept will be brought to kitchens in Australia, and if it works with recipes you can find online.

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