Man dies after rock wall collapses at popular Great Ocean Road beach

A man has died after a cliff face collapsed on top of beachgoers at a popular surf spot on Great Ocean Road on New Year’s Eve.

Victoria Police said the 30-foot-long cliff face at Bells Beach, near Torquay, gave way around 6 p.m. 14.15 Friday and lost rubbish on top of six people sitting downstairs.

Emergency services provide first aid after the crash.

Emergency services provide first aid after the crash.Credit:Nine news

A man and a woman in their late twenties sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to Geelong Hospital by ambulance.

A 28-year-old man was pulled out of the rubble by air ambulance with serious injuries to his upper body, but died before arriving at Alfred Hospital, police said in a statement.

The three other beach guests were unharmed.

Emergency services provided first aid on site.

Pictures taken by Nine news show large stones sitting in the middle of what appears to be the group’s personal belongings at the site of the collapse.

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