Meghan Markle ‘jangled royal family’ with ‘shock waves’: report

Meghan Markle 'jangled royal family' with 'shock waves': report
Meghan Markle ‘jangled royal family’ with ‘shock waves’: report

Meghan Markle reportedly ended up creating “bigger shock waves” in 2022 and may even end up “chasing the royal family”.

Royal astrologer Debbie Frank made this claim during her interview with Hi! Magazine.

There she was quoted as saying: “Meghan makes status in January when a protracted match reaches a turning point.”

“The astrologer also claims that the Duchess is looking for new ventures outside her comfort zone, those that can cause ‘shock waves’.”

“During March, she’s looking for new ventures that will add another dimension to her role in life, and again, she’s able to pull things off her hat that create a few shock waves.”

“Meghan will resist anything that swallows her during this time and will take the lead to steer outside her comfort zone.”

The astrologer also went on to add that Meghan’s zodiac sign allegedly also played a role in her character, especially since she was “always born to radiate a strong presence.”

“Her sun in shining lion in the area of ​​the chart, which attracts a huge amount of attention, means she is always born to radiate a strong presence. She is not a background person!”

She also went on to add: “Meghan may not be conscious of controversy, but the rebellious planet Uranus, which angles her sun, is preparing her to do what no one expects.”

“During the platinum anniversary, Meghan’s need to find her voice and speak her truth may shake other royals. But during the fall, the cosmos falls into a calmer picture for her.”

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