Naked Jam in Sway will supply The Ritz London

AN award-winning artisan jam maker from New Forest says she’s still pinching myself after being contacted to deliver one of the most iconic names in hospitality.

Jen Williams’ Naked Jam will be a staple of The Ritz London’s legendary afternoon tea after hotel chef John Williams contacted him, insisting the hotel wanted “the best”.

Based on Silver Street in Sway, Jen makes her jam by hand in copper pots, in small portions, using seasonal, local fruits and flowers foraged on private estates in the New Forest, including the Chewton Glen Hotel in New Milton, which also uses her. Products.

Jen Wiliams makes her jam by hand in copper pots
Jen Wiliams makes her jam by hand in copper pots

“This is a true confidence boost for me and a consolation to know that my jam is really that good,” said Jen, who also supplies the luxurious Corinthia Hotel London and the Starhotels collection.

“I’ve been working really hard for 10 years and it’s gratifying to get recognition from someone like John Williams who is one of my heroes.”

The Ritz will also serve Naked Jam and Jam with its breakfast offerings, and has asked Jennifer to develop a range of spices for the hotel, including ketchup and mayonnaise.

“They have full confidence in me,” she said. “I just received my first order for January – I keep pinching myself.”

Naked jam
Naked jam

Jen, who this year won a Great Taste award for her lemon and whiskey jam, is starting to host a number of masterclasses in jam and marmalade making in the new year.

“The lessons will be small and intimate, and participants will leave the 20-25 glass workshop with the best jam they have ever made,” she said. “It is made using the bare ingredients – more fruit, less sugar and no additives or preservatives.”

In addition to jams, including raspberries and elderflower, rhubarb and corn, and damson, Jen also makes honey, lemon curd, chili jam, jelly, chutney and piccalilli. Her range of jams includes lime and chili, grapefruit and ginger and Seville oranges.

Jens’ great success has come at a welcome time, and like her clients in hospitality, she has been hit hard by the pandemic.

“At one point, the business just stopped dead,” she said. “Things have gotten better, but again we’re back to the stress of not knowing what’s going to happen or where we want to be in the coming weeks. It’s heartbreaking to see the impact of all this on hospitality.

The Ritz will also serve nude jams and marmalades with its breakfast offerings
The Ritz will also serve nude jams and marmalades with its breakfast offerings

“Brexit also affected my business – I just managed to get hold of glass after four months of waiting due to lack of materials used to make it. The price has also increased by 40%. ”

However, Jen is very hopeful for the future and is currently in negotiations with a major retailer – so keep an eye on this place!

For more information on Naked Jam, which is certified by the New Forest Marque, go to

Jens’ delicious assortment can also be bought on her website, or in her Sway kitchen.

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