Police officers forced out of Queensland cafe during COVID-19 check

Video recordings have captured the moment a crowd harassed Queensland Police officers and forced them to leave a cafe under COVID-19 control.

Three police officers attended Vintage Apron at Capalaba as they were confronted by the crowd.

Officers had been called to the premises due to reports of multiple COVID-19 health regulations.

Borrowers were heard shouting “leave the store.” (Nine)

Video shared with 9News shows people singing “leave the store”. The officers appear to have been bullied.

Despite the confrontation, the officers remained calm.

“The question I want to ask you is we need to submit a report on why people do not wear masks here,” a police officer can be heard saying.

Spectators are heard saying “do not answer it”.

“Hopefully everyone keeps a cool head, no one gets angry or agitated,” a police officer said.

They continued to receive backlash from people in the cafe before leaving.

Three Queensland police officers were assaulted by patrons. (Nine)
The officers had attended the cafe due to reports that some patrons were not following the public health instructions. (Nine)

“Leave comrade, what’s your motto in the Queensland Police Service? With honor do we serve? Where’s the honor?” a customer is heard to say.

“You have broken your law with your oath that you serve the community that is us.”

Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan condemned the behavior.

He said abuse and defiance of police officers carrying out their work would not be tolerated.

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“The type of behavior that has been demonstrated against our police is completely unacceptable,” he said.

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