Researchers find preserved dinosaur embryo eggs. See

Researchers at the University of Birmingham, UK, announced this Tuesday (21/12), the discovery of a dinosaur egg with an embryo inside, extremely preserved. According to scientists, the fossil is about 72 to 66 million years old and has been nicknamed “Baby Yingliang”.

See the picture of eggs and embryos:

Life reconstruction of an oviraptorosaurus dinosaur embryo to be hatched, based on the new specimen “Baby Yingliang”.

The egg was discovered in the Ganzhou region of southern China and was probably left by a toothless theropod dinosaur, which is usually carnivorous or omnivorous and bipedal. Historians and scientists believe that this species roamed Asia and North America during its existence.

The co-author of the publication in iScience magazine and one of the people who participated in the discovery, Fion Waisum Ma described the fossil as being one of the best preserved he has ever seen. “It is one of the best dinosaur embryos ever found,” the scholar told AFP.

“Baby Yingliang” is according to the research about 27 cm long from head to tail and compressed inside an elongated petrified egg of 17 cm.

In addition to Waisum Ma, other researchers from the University of Birmingham, China University of Geosciences, Beijing and paleontologists from Edinburgh participated in the mission and discovery of the dinosaur embryo.

“This dinosaur embryo inside its egg is one of the most beautiful fossils I have ever seen. This small prenatal dinosaur looks like a baby bird wrapped around its egg, which is further evidence that many characteristics of today’s birds evolved into their dinosaur ancestors. , ”Said another project coordinator, Professor of Paleontology and Evolution at the University of Edinburgh, Steve Brusatte.

After extensive research into the small embryo, the fossil will be housed in the Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum in Xiamen, southeastern China.

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