Salt Bae’s new restaurant in Saudi Arabia is cheaper than London with burgers that cost just £ 25

Once known as a viral superstar for seasoning meat, Salt Bae is much better known in the city for its eye-opening prices.

Over the past few months, his restaurant in London has regularly been a talk in the city with diners sharing receipts for over £ 37,000.

But the star of the show left Knightsbridge Square in November to open the 28th Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Saudi Arabia.

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While restaurant prices are not available online, a diner revealed how much they paid for a meal at the new restaurant in Riyadh.

And it’s much smaller than London.

Salt Bae's trademark salt sprinkles
Salt Bae’s trademark salt sprinkles

In London, diners have consistently rated the restaurant at ‘ridiculous’ prices, saying ‘avoid it like the plague’.

Although some have praised it for ‘food cooked to perfection’, the London restaurant has a low rating of 3.3 stars on Google.

A recent four-star review of the new site discussed some of the prices in Saudi Arabia.

Although it was a positive review, they let the idea of ​​golden steaks say: “I personally would never order any gold meat or gold baklava, which for my type is a waste, but if they used premium Japanese Wagyu it would make it logical to pay 3,750 SAR for a whole cowboy steak over two kilos. “

They went on to say that there are more ‘economical’ items on the menu than the gold carvings.

Nusret Gökçe broke the internet in early 2017

A Saudi Riyal (SAR) is currently being converted to around 0.20 Pounds Sterling.

So this diner claims the golden cowboy steak was just over £ 740. Whereas the Saltbae Golden Tomahawk in London costs £ 850.

Nearly double the price, the Golden Giant Tomahawk in London costs as much as £ 1,450.

The burgers in Saudi Arabia are also a good buy in comparison.

This diner paid 130 SAR for a burger which would have cost £ 100 covered in gold in London.

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This actually means that the price of a burger in Riyadh is about the same as the price of a tomato starter in London; £ 25.

The eatery even mentioned a combination with only french fries for 155 SAR, a total of £ 30. That’s why french fries in Saudi Arabia are added to half the price of London’s £ 10 page.

They said the restaurant has “upscale atmosphere only for burgers that will not cost that much”.

But while prices in Riyadh may be cheaper than London’s, diners still call the place ‘too expensive’.

Rated 2.5 stars overall, reviews say it’s not worth the money at all ‘and’ you do not get what you pay for ‘.

But like London, guests are divided as some seem to say they make ‘the best steak in the world’ and ‘the price is very appropriate’.

How much would you pay for a burger?

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