Scottish couple win the battle to have the neighbor’s huge 36-foot hedge felled

A couple who claimed that their neighbor’s 36-foot hedge made their lives a misery have won a battle to get it cut down.

George McMillan, 72, and his wife had been locked in a protracted dispute with Edward Kelly over the towering cypresses leylandii between their homes.

They claimed that their bedroom on the property in Paisley was kept in constant darkness.

The couple approached Renfrewshire Council under high stern legislation as they failed to get Kelly to chop them back.

The hedge is massive
The hedge is massive

The council ordered the trees cut to ground level, but McMillans argued that more was needed as they also formed part of the hedge and appealed to the government.

Officials have now expanded the order to include felling three leylandii and a spruce tree and keeping two rhododendrons and a bamboo bush trimmed to just over 6 feet.

Government Reporter Philip Barton said the measures “would be the most reasonable approach”.

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