The Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund exceeds the 2021 fundraising goal

Toronto Star readers have raised thousands over this year’s $ 1.5 million goal for the Santa Claus Fund and still have one more day to donate.

Pr. As of December 30, the total amount raised for children and families in GTA this year is $ 1,651,652.

This is a significant achievement given the impact that COVID-19 has had on families during the pandemic. This would not have been possible without the kindness of Toronto Star readers.

With one more day left, the Toronto Star is working with sister newspapers to continue the fundraising effort.

In 2020, 50,000 boxes were distributed to disadvantaged children in Toronto, Missisauga, Brampton, Ajax and Pickering.

In its 116th year, the Santa Claus Foundation delivers Christmas fun for children between the ages of 1 and 12. Each box contains a hat, hoodies, mittens, socks, books and a small toy. Infants receive baby clothes and accessories.

The fund was driven by the generosity of the spirit and went through two world wars and continues through the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s continue with that to the last.

GOAL: $ 1.5 million

TO DATE: $ 1,651,652

How to donate:

Online: Scan the QR code or use our secure form at:

By credit card: Visa, Master-Card or AMEX

Call 416-869-4847

By check: Mail to: The Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund, One Yonge St., Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6.

The Star does not grant any permission to request on its behalf.

Tax receipts will be issued.


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