They are launching an app that allows you to customize the adaptive triggers on the PS5 DualSense

The app, called the PS5 Controller Trigger Test, is aimed at iPhone and iPad devices.

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It is true that 2021 may not have been the year I had expected Sony with PlayStation 5. Not because its success is not like that, as it continues to sell all the machines it puts up for sale, but there is precisely the problem: lack of components causes there to be few stocks in stores, so only most attentive users are able to enjoy the new generation.

These lucky ones have been able to see first hand the benefits of DualSense, The PS5 controller that surprised even before the hardware launch. In addition to its general vibration, it has a few adaptive triggers that can offer more or less resistance depending on what we play at a given time, as long as those responsible for the game have programmed it necessary to make use of this feature.

There are times when it is used more than others, but it has always been within the scope of PlayStation 5, and in the rest of the devices in which it can be used, it is somewhat less common to see. Now called a new app PS5 Controller Trigger Test allows us to test different settings and effects of DualSense on Apple devices.

They are launching an app that allows you to customize the adaptive triggers on the PS5 DualSense

It is available for iPhone and iPadOnce linked on iPhone or iPad, the app lets us test the vibrations and feedback from L2 and R2, adjust the frequency with values ​​for the original position and resistance when we press them to achieve a very specific experience and to our personal taste. We can also adjust other parameters battery life or changing the color of the controller light.

It is available on iOS for a price of 1.99 euros and its creator is Rihab Mehboob (only 20 years old), so we invite you to try it if you are curious. DualSense itself has received several new models recently along with the official Sony cases, though there are others alternative options. The last pro controller we saw in December sold out in minutes, so we’ll have to wait and see how the other manufacturers surprise us.

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