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Ngunawal and Ngambri’s traditional guardians are counting on the aftermath of a destructive protest that saw the historic doors and portico of the old parliament building burned, orchestrated by a group they say is not local. AFP and ACT Policing said footage taken by body cameras has already identified several suspects who will be questioned by authorities when they announced a joint task force. Friday night no one was arrested. “The establishment of the task force, which will build on investigations that began immediately yesterday, underscores the zero tolerance that the authorities have towards violence, destruction of property and assault by police,” they said in a statement. “Those who break the law will be arrested and charged.” Police will investigate those responsible for damaging Commonwealth property as well as other state and Commonwealth charges, including arson and incitement. Ngunawal’s traditional guardian Wally Bell said protesters occupying the area near the Aboriginal tent embassy in front of the Old Parliament House had not applied for permission to be in the countryside. The Aboriginal tent embassy has condemned the protesters’ actions, saying the group is not affiliated with the embassy. “Because it is the seat of government for the whole of Australia, they think it gives them the right and privilege to be here, but it does not,” Bell said of the protesters who took action on Thursday. “Firstly, they have to respect whose country it is, and secondly, they also have to seek permission from the traditional guardians to be allowed to do … things like this.” “I think we would never have given them permission to do that,” he said. In a statement, Ngambri Ngunnawal’s eldest aunt Matilda House said the protesters’ actions on Thursday “do not represent the Aboriginal community here”. “As guardians of the ACT and the surrounding region, my family is always open to respectful dialogue, to support and take care of the many men, women and their families who are here in our beautiful country.” I am disappointed that these protesters chose to ignore cultural protocols and not communicate with myself or other elders in my family. “The group included members of the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination group, which livestreamed the protest while people identified themselves as” sovereign citizens “- as believes that Australian laws do not apply to them – also seems to have been involved. , but this was not the way forward. He condemned the violence and said the key was that politicians listened to the Aboriginal elders. “We did not react violently to the mining companies when they destroyed they you. r sites. There is a sector that does this here, but it has nothing to do with the embassy, ​​”he said. AFP and ACT Policing will increase their presence in the Old Parliament House area in the coming weeks.” AFP and ACT Policing respect the right to protest peacefully, and negotiations with the elderly in the protest group continue, “their statement read. Our journalists are working hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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